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Credit Application Form
Sales Tax Exemption Form

Cylinder Lease Agreement

Please fill out this form if you would like to rent or lease a cylinder(s) from us. Cylinders we supply that customers can rent by the month, lease by the year or purchase are:  oxygen, acetylene, argon mix, argon, nitrogen, helium, and CO2.  We can also order certain specialty gases but do not usually keep any of those in stock.  We also have several sizes of cylinders of each gas. Do you need a small set for easier portability? We can help with that too. The cost of renting a cylinder is $6.50 per month per cylinder, or $60 per year per cylinder. If you choose to purchase the cylinder(s), then the cost will depend on the size cylinder you need.
We also rent out regulators with helium cylinders for $10 per month.